Led Digital Signs & Displays



Here in Calgary Lunar graphics is going to introduce the latest led digital sign & display. Nowadays not in Canada but all around the world, this digital signage is in demand.

Amazing LEDs are now being used for the business signs and you can use them for the advertisement of your organization. Outdoor digital signage is really in demand because they give a good look at your business signs. For clubs, companies, shops, restaurants, and digitally developed areas are just using these signs.

Even the companies which are starting from their initial stage are now preferring these signs for their graphic representation by ordering lunar graphics.
these LED signs are not much costly but are really useful. The biggest benefit for you is that you don’t need to invest in advertisement and marketing. Because their digitalization will give you so many incentives. Lunar Graphics is providing multiple designs for indoor and outdoor uses.
One last thing if you have any custom idea like logo of your company, name of your company or any other image design then you can share with us we shall provide you custom made designs.

When it comes to led digital displays there are serval different options to pick from.

Whether it’s a monochrome led display or a full-color HD Quality video display you are looking for we can help. We offer wifi controllable led displays which come in serval different resolutions for indoor or outdoor purposes. All of our outdoor displays come with a 1p68 rating which is fully water and snowproof and can hold up to temperature up to -40 outside. All of our indoor and outdoor displays come with U.L Certification so you can rest assure your investment is safe along with your property.

Just try once and then you will know the real benefit of these digital signs and displays.

Choosing the right LED Sign for your location can be a challenging task especially if you are not familiar with LED signs then there is a technology and options are available.

There are several factors that must be considered in order to gain the best results out of your LED Signs

Step by Step: How to Buy LED Signs

1. Contact Us

– Call Us at 1-403-926-9246

– Fill Out our online quote form
– Free No-Obligation Consultation

2. FREE Google Satellite Survey

– Survey Your Site (From Your Own Computer!)

– Determine Viewing Distance
– Examine Existing Signage If There Are Any

3. Work Within Your Budget

– Find the solution which is in your budget

4. Determine Type, Size, and Resolution

– Find the ideal sign for you
– Define sign requirements

5. Written Itemized Proposal

– Detailed outline of items
– Determine options

6. Permit/Zoning Consultation

– Research the laws for signs in the area
– What, if any, are the restrictions?

7. Artwork and Renderings

– Design and Concept Creation
– Provide artwork
– Realistic drawings provided

8. Purchase Agreement

– Discuss Financing Options
– Sign Contract and Deposit