Window Graphics

Window Graphics & Signs are bloodline to any business or organization in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Given the fact that it can make a huge difference on consumer/costumer choice to either step in your store/organization or keep walking along and never realize you offer the certain products/services or even your existence.



Window Graphics & Signs are vital to any business or organisation in Calgary and the surrounding areas. These can greatly improve customer recognition for your business and can be a major determining factor into whether customers choose to enter your organisation, or if they know that you offer certain products or services.

Window Graphics & Signs are great way to inform potential clients of your special products and services in and around Calgary.
Lunar graphics & signs is offering the best quality window graphics & signs to fit your budget. Let Lunar Graphics & Signs decide which product is best for your project. Our professional team will recommend the best window graphics & signs to suit your budget and needs.

Window Graphics & Signs come in all imaginable shapes, styles and sizes.
Most common form of Window Graphics & Signs are the following:
i) Cut Out vinyl lettering or design
Mostly referred to wall/window quotes, decals or wall décor etc.

ii) Digitally printed Vinyl opaque. Matte or gloss
(Calendar 1-3 years or cast 5-7 years indoor or outdoor life expectancy)
iii) Digitally printed clear vinyl. Matte or gloss
(Calendar 1-3 years or cast 5-7 years indoor or outdoor life expectancy)

iiii) Window static printable material opaque:
Sticks to glass with out adhesive. Matte or Gloss

v) Clear static printable material:
(Sticks to glass with out adhesive.)
Most commonly used inside of the windows to show case message to consumers outside of the windows.

vi) Window perforated Vinyl:
We are offering digitally printed perforated vinyl to businesses in and around Calgary and areas. Window perforated vinyl is used outside of the windows and has the advantage of being able to look outside but shows graphics when looking inside the windows. Windows Perf. is one of the best forms of window graphics available in the market.
*We also offer lamination to increase the life expectancy and to make Graphics/Signs weather resistant. Please inquire about lamination option to make your window graphics resilient to any weather or vandalism.

vii) Frosted window graphics, decals & signs:
Frosted windows graphics & signs are great way to get some privacy or have them uniquely designed to showcase your business hours or any information to the public while not being to flashy and being able to communicate the message successfully.


With years of education in Graphic communications & print technologies and being able to gain the certification in 3m installer training gives us all the necessary tools require to handle all of your window graphics and signs needs.