Real Estate Signs



Lunar Graphics prides itself on being the most efficient and reliable service that you will find in the Calgary area for Real Estate sign post installation. We provide sign post installation, removal and rental services in Calgary. So, when choosing a real estate sign for your agency, keep it simple, keep it Lunar Graphics!

Step by Step: How to Buy Signs

1. Contact Us

– Call Us 1-403-926-9246

– Fill Out our online quote form
– Free No Obligation Consultation

2. FREE Google Satellite Survey

– Survey Your Site (From Your Own Computer!)

– Determine Viewing Distance
– Examine Existing Signage If there Are Any

3. Work Within Your Budget

– Find the solution which is in your budget

4. Determine Type, Size and Resolution

– Find the ideal sign for you
– Define sign requirements

5. Written Itemized Proposal

– Detailed outline of items
– Determine options

6. Permit/Zoning Consultation

– Research the laws for signs in area
– What, if any, are the restrictions?

7. Artwork and Renderings

– Design and Concept Creation
– Provide artwork
– Realistic drawings provided

8. Purchase Agreement

– Discuss Financing Options
– Sign Contract and Deposit